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Home Automation with Arduino: Automate your Home u

Home Automation with Arduino: Automate your Home using Open-Source Hardware

Home Automation with Arduino: Automate your Home using Open-Source Hardware was listed on Amazon for $34.90, selling for USD brand new. Manufactured by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.Design your own home automation systems using the Arduino platform ! In this book, you will be guided through the basics of the Arduino platform, and you will learn how to use a wide range of sensors and actuators that are commonly used in home automation. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what you wHome Automation with Arduino: Automate your Home using Open-Source HardwareBuy Now on Amazon.com


  1. B. Davis says:

    Very simple approach. It’s mostly a getting started book the readers will have to take these methods to the next level, but he tells you how to rig things up and here is the code. Sort of cook book style.

    The code is simple enough and because he uses libraries for some of the functions you can pretty easily find more info on the web about it.

    I decided to write my computer code in mono instead of python and was still very easy to follow along and convert.

    Just keep in mind it’s not going to tell you exactly how to rig your house up for automation. It’s just the starting points for you to expand upon.

  2. Lea says:

    Very good book that had everything I was looking for in terms of home automation and arduino basics. Be ware that you do need to have some coding knowledge before being able to "read" the commands.

  3. Fred says:

    Home Automation with Arduino is a useful book describing how to use a Arduino with Python to create projects to automate your home. It provides useful code and good descriptions how the code works and which Python packages are useful. The code is written to run on a Mac computer so there are minor changes which need to be made to use on Windows or linux computers. Documentation for PySerial (one of the Python packages used in the programs) should provide the details needed to convert the programs in Windows or Linux.

    Some of the code can be downloaded from other websites, but the coherent explanations are useful.

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